Durham Dance Tsunami

Durham Dance Tsunami

March 17-19, 2017

at the Shared Visions Retreat Center 3717 Murphy School Rd, Durham, NC 27705

Durham Dance Tsunami is a weekend of diverse dance experiences. This event will provide many opportunities for awakening to the joy and creativity of movement.  This spring we are excited to have Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser, both teachers at Smith College in North Hampton, Mass. for our contact improvisation portion of the weekend. This will be open to and appropriate for all levels.

      Registration is limited, so register early.

Along with the other classes, we will be offering a two-hour Ecstatic Dance Wave on Saturday night.  You have the option to participate in classes either individually or as part of a package. The vision of the weekend is to be in community, to experience different movement modalities, and to have time to connect with and learn from others.