Series: Eastern Philosophy in CI – Zen and Daosim

Series: Eastern Philosophy in CI – Zen and Daosim

Two Part Series:

Part II:The Dao of Contact
Saturday, Feb. 18th, 2017 2-5pm

(Part I: Zen and the Art of Contact Improvisation was Saturday, January 14, 2017 3pm-6pm)
These workshops will focus on elements of Zen and Taoism present in the practice and philosophy of Contact Improvisation. Each workshop will transition into a Jam around for the last third of the time with an invitation to continue exploring content from the class. Attendees can attend one or both.

Instructor: CJ O’Reilly

Zen and Taoism have been a big part of my journey, though my deepest exploration of them occurred before I discovered CI. Still, I think a bit part of what I appreciate about CI are those many echoes of eastern philosophy which permeate it.
Each class uses the lens of its respective philosophy to approach CI, and find and explore the resonant veins of thought present in the form’s theoretical underpinnings through scores and practices.

Elements which Zen and the Art of CI will explore:

  • CI as Meditation
  • Improvisation and breaking the habitual mind
  • observation
  • concept vs presence – the beyond
  • breath

Elements which Dao of Contact  will explore:

  • non-doing
  • relaxation of the body and mind & not forcing/physical minimalism
  • the center/dan tian – withholding the center vs sharing the center
  • creation and destruction – the relativity of experience
  • following

Workshop and Jam: $20-60 sliding scale
Jam only: $5-15 sliding scale

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